October 7, 2009
Alan Birley Bateman
Alan Birley Bateman

Welcome to this Blog, dedicated to the memory of Alan Birley Bateman, British Bomber pilot who flew Stirling Bombers during World War 2.

This Blog intends to tell the story of Alan Bateman, who was shot down over Southern Denmark in 1942, and held as prisoner of war in Stalagluft 3, near Sagan  for over 3 years. This blog recounts, first hand, his experiences of life in the camp, including his part in the now famous “Great Escape”.

Please feel free to contact me at justinehadden@yahoo.co.uk for further information. I am especially keen to hear from anyone who may remember Alan Bateman from his time in the RAF or from Stalagluft 3, or from anyone who may have information on the other members of RAF personnel mentioned in these pages. Thank you.


Please also note that this site is under construction, and I will be adding information over the coming weeks. Thank you.


  1. Brill’ site … Love the reality of the letters home. You’ve obviously worked so hard on this, well done.

  2. Hello, Congratulations on collating a wonderful tribute to Alan Bateman and all crews who flew with Bomber Command.

    I would welcome the opportunity to create a ‘post’ on this gentleman on the Stirling Aircraft Society Forum pages, to acknowledge his efforts, along with the many others we have listed.


    • Hello
      Thank you for reading my blog and making contact. I would be pleased if you could use the info in the blog in whatever way you wish in order to share information about Alan Bateman, his crew and aircraft with the wider world. If I can help further, please contact me.
      Justine Hadden

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