Alan’s letters 11

October 10, 2009

Alan’s letters 11

Transcript of above

20th April 1944

Dear Bill, I have just received your letters of the 7th and 20th February and am glad to hear everything is still going on well at home. Things are much the same as ever with us. Mail is not very frequent these days but even more welcome when it does come, if that is possible. Cornwell and I are still working regularly at Law. We have now finished the syllabus for the intermediate exam, and are now revising. We expect to sit for the exam in about the first week in June. I think we have a fair chance of passing but working on our own like this, we cannot altogether judge our own standard and naturally the life in not conducive to particular fertility in the mental line. However, we have been able to assist each other considerably and whatever the result of the exam the work will not have been wasted. I am glad to see you have been able to send the Law Notes for 1943 and await them with interest. I hope we shall not be here for the 1944 edition but it is a good idea to be prepared. All the best to you both, more anon, much love, Alan.


Alan Birley Bateman’s letters home from inside Stalagluft 3, while held as prisoner of war between 1942 and 1945. These letters give a first-hand, fascinating insight into life in the camp, and covers the period of "The Great Escape"

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