Alan’s letters 13

October 10, 2009

Alan’s letters 13

Transcript of above

25th November 1943

Dear Bill, Here’s wishing you many happy returns of the 20th, I only wish I could join you in celebrating! The best news from here is that I am at last making considerable progress in my legal studies. I now have my books back and by good luck another prisoner is working for the same exam. We have therefore gone into partnership, greatly to our mutual advantage, and do a good three hours work work together each day. He is fortunate in having a small room in which we can work without interruption, thus overcoming what has been an almost insurmountable obstacle which I have always been up against. My papers for trust accounts and book keeping which should have arrived by now must have been delayed, but I can now guarantee that if we are able to continue our present arrangement I shall pass the whole exam next March. I have written to Gibson and Weldon for some papers re. The inter, and am now writing for courses etc. for the final, I know the firm and you can pay their account on my behalf with confidence, more anon, all the best, Alan.


Alan Birley Bateman’s letters home from inside Stalagluft 3, while held as prisoner of war between 1942 and 1945. These letters give a first-hand, fascinating insight into life in the camp, and covers the period of “The Great Escape”

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