Alan’s letters 7

October 10, 2009

Alan’s letters 7

Transcript of above

11th December 1944

Dear Bill, By the time you receive this I expect you will have recovered from Christmas. I hope you took my advice and celebrated thoroughly. We are still receiving half a parcel a week so I expect we shall manage to alter the menu a little to mark the occasion. I did not expect to celebrate another Christmas in prison but with any luck this should be the last. Anyway, I shall be drinking your health on the 25th, although I am afraid it will have to be in coffee. Can you imagine me drinking coffee? Actually, I can hardly remember drinking anything stronger now although I intend to try the experiment again someday. The battledress is a very good fit and certainly repays the trouble you must have had in getting it. Soon after I got your letter saying Leslie was engaged I had one from him saying it was all off. Good old Leslie! I knew he would see sense before it was too late. He must be one of the only ones left now. Love Alan


Alan Birley Bateman’s letters home from inside Stalagluft 3, while held as prisoner of war between 1942 and 1945. These letters give a first-hand, fascinating insight into life in the camp, and covers the period of “The Great Escape”

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