Alan’s letters 8

October 10, 2009

Alan’s letters 8

Transcript of above

11th December 1944

Dear Mum, I suppose this is the close season for bowls and that you must be spending your time on less serious things. I can imagine you up to all sorts of mischief in my absence but no doubt I shall have a steadying influence on you again when I eventually get back. I suppose you find time to get to the pictures sometimes. We have just had the film in English “The Spoilers” – typical film nonsense with bags of fisticuffs and drinking (a terrible strain for us to watch) but it had the merit that I could understand some of it even though my English isn’t so hot these days. I am very fit and have an embarrassingly good appetite. You had better practice cake-making as I am now out some stunners in spite of the lack of materials, so you will find plenty of competition when I get back. I also run a good line in bread puddings (unfalteringly turned – paper weights by my room mates who eat them all the same) I call them “fairy cakes”. What’s in a name? Love Alan


Alan Birley Bateman’s letters home from inside Stalagluft 3, while held as prisoner of war between 1942 and 1945. These letters give a first-hand, fascinating insight into life in the camp, and covers the period of “The Great Escape”

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