Alan’s letters 9

October 10, 2009

Alan’s letters 9

Transcript of above

14th September 1944

Dear mum, I have just received your letter of 24th June and am very glad to see you are still gigging along as well as ever. We have just finished our cricket season here after as good a season as we could expect and are getting the football organised. I have not done much work since the exam in June but I am doing some reading towards the final exam when I get the opportunity. Cornwell and I have not yet heard the result of the last exam and probably you will hear before we do. I am still attending lectures on Income Tax law and teaching Latin. The papers Betty had sent are very useful to us and give me a good guide as to what the exam my pupils are taking will be like. Next month I shall be giving a talk on Local Government in England in a series given by American and British speakers on our systems of government. It all helps to keep the brain working – a little. Love to you all, Alan.


Alan Birley Bateman’s letters home from inside Stalagluft 3, while held as prisoner of war between 1942 and 1945. These letters give a first-hand, fascinating insight into life in the camp, and covers the period of “The Great Escape”

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