Letter to Alan’s family from Major Charles Zweigbergic

October 10, 2009

Below is the transcript of a letter found amongst Alan’s personal documents.

Transcript of Letter to Mrs Bateman from Major Charles Zweigbergic

106 Wick Hall

Furze Hill

Hove 2



Dear Mrs Bateman,

I have just recently returned from Germany as a repatriated prisoner-of-war. I met your son sometimes ago firstly at a hospital and then an Oflag, before he left to go to the big Air force camp.

It was in July 1942 when I arrived at Stadt Roda hospital that I first met your son who was undergoing treatment to his foot – nothing very serious, I can assure you. We soon became good friends. He was always most cheerful and was good company. The little hospital, run by British doctors, with a German medical administrative officer in charge was interesting in that its patients were drawn from all over the working camps in the district. We had French, Russians, Serbs, Poles besides British. Your son and the rest of the small group of officers derived much amusement and also real interest from this motley crowd.

We both arrived at Oflag 1XA/2 at the same time Dec 15th of last year – but after a time your son together with the rest of the airforce officers left for the airforce camp, so that I lost touch with him – however we exchanged addresses and resolved to keep in touch after the war.

I know it is a worrying time for you. All I can say is that the British prisoners-of-war are fine examples of indeterminable courage and cheerfulness, and your son is an enthusiastic leader of this spirit.

Yours truly

Charles Zweigbergic


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