14 Legacy

October 20, 2009

A few weeks ago, at the time of writing (Oct 2009), Alan’s cousin, the last blood relative of the Bateman line died in a nursing home on the south coast of England.

With each passing generation, the memories of such events as described in this blog, die out. The historical facts of such events remain, in textbooks and documents, but the association with individuals, their first hand memories and experiences, and the little, personal things that are not recorded in the National narrative are lost, and die with the individual.

I really hope that in this blog, I have managed to convey a personal narrative of this “Great Escape” story, and that Alan’s bravery, fortitude and spirit of character shines through. It needs to be remembered, however, that there were thousands of “Alan’s” of all nationalities and on both sides of the conflict, and that they all had their own stories and narratives of their shared experience of war, although we may not have a record now.

Alan never claimed any war medals that he was entitled to, and this is something Margaret and I are looking into claiming, posthumously, on his behalf. Margaret maintains that once home, Alan decided to “get on with life” and put his war years behind him to focus on his future. We are sure this is why he never claimed his medals. Alan was always reluctant to talk about his war years and I am sure that he would  be more than a little bemused that his years of incarceration were still attracting interest and research today. I am sure the same could be said for the technology that is available today, and that has made this blog possible!

Thank you for reading.

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