Please email me at justinehadden@yahoo.co.uk for further information


  1. Hi Justine,

    Thanks for sharing the story of Alan Birley Bateman with me. What a fine, fascinating and yet modest man he seems. Many thanks. Helen

    • Hiya Helen

      Thank you for your kind comment….you are most welcome!

  2. I saw you posting and would like to share some information that might be of interest to you.

    There is a wonderful collection of General A.P. Clark’s items from Stalag Luft III in the United States Air Force Academy Library (special collection section). If you are interested in looking at what they have on-line or contacting them, their website is http://www.usafa.edu/df/dflib/SL3/SL3.cfm?catname=Dean%20of%20Faculty

    General Clark passed away at age 96, this past March.

    I hope you find items of interest on the AFA website to share with your family. It is my understanding that POW family members have visited the Library, as well.

    T. Dudley

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